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What is C.A.P?

 "We're here to hold our Elected Representatives Responsible for Transformational Policies Specific to the Needs of Our Communities" 

We are a Political Accountability Taskforce that monitors legislation with a particular interest in policies that affect our communities founded in 2020.


The Capitol Accountability Project primary goal is to garner support for a nationwide and local push for Reparations and a Black Agenda.


Through local community organization we are committed to fighting for policies that improve the quality of life for Black American Descendants of U.S. Chattel Slavery (BADOUSCS) first; while simultaneously supporting  initiatives nationwide for a Black Agenda that benefits every Black Citizens in the United States.



Mission & Goals

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:


1. To spread the knowledge to the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia (DMV) areas about what being a Black American Descendant of U.S. Chattel Slavery (BADOUSCS) means, and all that comes along with our lineage claim. 

2. To actively engage our politicians on issues focused on this specific group, with a defined goal to establish a local and National agenda for the entire Black community. 

3. Support the BADOUSCS Movement nationally


4. To hold our politicians accountable on behalf of Black American Descendants of U.S. Chattel Slavery as it relates to transformational policies and legislation


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Want to Get Involved?

Reach out and let us know how you can help fulfill our mission to get Reparations for Black  American Descendants of U.S. Chattel Slavery!

Email: info@captaskforce.org

Phone: (202) 455-6482 

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